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Missi Paris

Level 9 Master Stylist/Creative Director Specializing In Custom Hair Extensions, Creative Color, And Hair Smoothing Treatments.

Missi comes from the bustling city of Chicago. Being a product of a musician and an artist, Missi was born with a passion for creativity. With a love for outdoors and snowboarding she followed her dreams to live in the beautiful state of Colorado.  After working with Zinke now for 6 years, Missi has become a well known Aveda Artist and our Master stylist.  She was recently seen on stage at The Denver Master Jam, styled hair for Denver Fashion Week and was the stylist for the recent cover for Denver Style Magazine. On top of working as a busy stylist behind the chair, and making a name for herself in the Denver hair scene, Missi educates our staff on color, extensions and more in our in house education program.  An excellent teacher and well versed in all that is Aveda, we are forever grateful to have Missi inspiring our team and helping us grow the Zinke brand.  Missi is in high demand and books out so we suggest planning ahead to make an appointment with her.  Not only will you leave loving your hair, Missi’s energetic, easy going attitude will make anyone’s day!

INTERESTS: art, fashion, photography, snowboarding

REVIEW: “Missi is the best hairstylist I’ve ever had! She can always visualize exactly what I want and is the most thorough professional I’ve ever seen for my hair.”

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

View Missi’s salon Facebook page here.